Cathy Houghton, Blossom Health Coaching

Would you like to feel happier with how, when, and what, you eat?   

Are you content with yourself, and are a body size that is right for you?  

Are you nourished, rested, calm, energised? Even during the peri-menopause / menopause?

If not then maybe I can help. 

My name is Cathy Houghton.

I support women to find PEACE and BALANCE around eating, food, wellbeing, and body. 

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Inner Peace

Your 3o minute introductory consultation is free – Why not email me or call now on 07972 374150

Currently all my coaching services are online, via Zoom.


I am a Health and Food coach, working  in Disordered Eating and Wellbeing.

I help women, and perhaps their partners, who want to take back control of their relationship with food and their wellness.

In my health coaching we will work out together how to get you more nourished, and improve your rest & self-care, motivate you to move more, re-discover your purpose.  This is particularly important in the mid-life transition. I also help women lose weight in a non-diet sustainable way.

As an Eating Disorder Practitioner I work with women on recovery from difficult relationships with food such as binging, compulsive eating, emotional eating, bulimia, and years of chaotic dieting.

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Have you ever really thought about that?  Our health, whether mind or body health, is usually pretty close to the top of list.

Some define happiness as the absence of looking for happiness.  When you stop struggling, stop worrying, stop pushing, and just be……

Accepting yourself, making peace with yourself, is a big part of this.  If you have health goals or eating issues then starting from a place of acceptance and kindness to yourself makes the journey a lot easier.  I can help you with that.

It is my business to help YOU Blossom. 

Your introductory consultation is completely free – Why not email me or call now on 07972 374150



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” Cathy works with professionalism and compassion. Her work covers a wide range of health matters and she works holistically and has a clear passion for what she does. I felt as if I was in very capable hands during our work together. Cathy also has a wealth of resources available to her and will signpost to other practitioners if something is outside of her remit. I have found the work with Cathy invaluable. It has helped me calm the chaos and find balance. I have learnt skills and knowledge for how to help myself and I know the door is open if I ever need a top up in the future and I am sure I will! I would definitely recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to improve aspects of their health and well being. Thanks for everything Cathy you have been such a gem and I feel lucky to have found you. “

” Cathy is a fantastic coach – kind yet perceptive and totally on your side!  Time spent with Cathy can really be life changing as she helps you identify what you want/need to change & then helps you step by step get there.

It’s good to be in person but it also works really well face to face online in these tricky times – when so many of us are making resolutions on weight, fitness & balance in life.  Triple gold star to Cathy – 100% recommended! “

” Following a period of illness, I found working with Cathy beneficial on different levels.  Her emphasis on well-being and recommendations helped me understand my mood swings.  Practical advice included her recipes, a book recommendation, and a referral to another professional.   Her non-judgemental approach and helpful suggestions encouraged me to change my eating habits gradually.   I now have a weekly veg box and have reduced my salt cravings.  All good. “

” I am so glad to have had this experience with Cathy and would recommend her enthusiastically. “

” Cathy is a very compassionate and skilled listener.  She is a high level of expertise and knowledge and she is able to provide a wide range of resources to support you in the changes that you want to make in your life in relation to food and wellbeing.  She is dedicated and always well prepared for each session and helps guide you to make the  improvements to lifestyle that you wish to achieve by providing realistic and achievable strategies that really do make a difference “

” I know that Blossom Health Coaching is not just about food.  Cathy covers many other topics but food was the area I needed help with.  Cathy has helped me enormously in recognising this and giving me sound advice to assist me to completely change the way I think about food. “

” I have lost weight, but the best bit is I’ve learnt so much about myself, socially and personally, it’s made me so much happier in every part of my life. “

” With Cathy’s help and encouragement, I have made so many completely transformative changes. “

If someone or something blossoms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities.

Collins Dictionary


Something miraculous happens when women are given the opportunity to talk about themselves in a confidential, supportive space;  ‘Aha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments, connections, realisations, voicing doubts and worries, reaching decisions – all part of the self-discovery journey that being coached can lead to.


This is not about a quick fix, there is no miracle cure or crash diet that will solve your problems quickly and forever.  Changes do not become habits overnight.

My coaching is designed to bring benefits to you in a way that will make them sustainable, through gradual changes, that will become part of your daily routines.

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