Read some  examples of women who have benefited from health coaching. 

These are real clients of Blossom Health Coaching whose names have been changed to protect their privacy.


Cathy is amazing, she is a professional, confidential, knowledgeable, calming and caring person. Cathy has totally changed me, I knew what I should do but just didn’t do it.

I now eat breakfast, I drink the right amount of water, I can control my binge eating, my family have planned healthy meals and packed lunches everyday. I am healthy!

When I ate something unhealthy I didn’t feel great with myself Cathy never made me feel bad, she just reassured me that it was ok to not be perfect all the time.

Cathy supported me with books, podcasts, recipes, practicals, emails and other resources to help me establish my new behaviours. I realised I wasn’t stressed, I was just busy.

I have lost weight, but the best bit is I’ve learnt so much about myself, socially and personally, it’s made me so much happier in every part of my life.

Thank you Cathy



Victoria had a very clear goal of sustained weight loss. She was fed up with years of yo-yo dieting, of feeling under the control of food, sometimes drinking too much socially.

Victoria initially thought I would be putting her ‘on a diet’, and was surprised that instead we talked about how to eat and drink healthfully and nourishingly, and how this would bring the weight loss she wanted. I encouraged her at every session to try to forget the diet mentality, and her ‘all or nothing’ approach. We spent time discussing, preparing and cooking for the family in an efficient, varied and healthy way.

As sessions progressed and Victoria not only started to lose weight but saw other benefits such as improved skin, better moods, and a sense of control. We began to discuss more general issues affecting her life – work, being too busy, and prioritising important relationships. Victoria began to say ‘no’ to people, and found not being a people pleaser all the time was empowering and liberating (and freed up some time).

By the end, Victoria had achieved weight loss, healthier nutrition, organised food preparation, stress reduction, and more balanced time management.


A lot has happened to me recently. I retired from a high-powered job and got married. We moved to East Devon and life took on new challenges. Although I was very happy, I was unsure about so many things and finding it tricky to adjust to a brand new life. Then I was introduced to Cathy and signed up for her 12 session Programme.

The impact has been tremendous and was just what I needed. Cathy is a gentle and patient listener. She is also very perceptive and can help crystallize feelings and concerns. She has shared a great deal of information and resources with me- taking great care not to overwhelm. My progress continues. I am so glad to have had this experience with Cathy and would recommend her enthusiastically. I know she has helped others on issues like weight problems.

Cathy helps her client understand their own issues and develop strategies to deal with them; sometimes in our lives this is just the support we need!



Sarah came to me to with health goals of finding sustained energy, and some more general goals revolving around purpose, identity and role.
This was after a period of trying to organise herself; exercise classes, new eating and cooking patterns, and even new ways of dressing.

However, she was still in a muddle and it was all starting to impact on her health – tiredness, occasional IBS flare-ups and increased anxiety. Medical tests were clear but she knew she needed to make changes.
Sarah was asked to keep a food and mood diary, and to complete tasks between sessions.

She found the opportunity to give a voice to her thoughts in the sessions particularly significant. This resulted in many ‘light bulb’ moments and self-discovery.

By the end of our time together Sarah had re-assessed and confirmed her purpose, implemented new routines at home which took pressure off her and emphasised some self-care. From the food diary we worked out which foods suited her digestion, and we looked at balancing her blood sugars which achieved her goal of sustained energy.


When I began my journey with Cathy I was really suffering with disordered eating and would often binge eat as well. These habits had become my way of life and although I could recognise that I needed to change them for the benefit of my health, I was nervous about dismantling the coping mechanisms I had put in place for such a long time and also admitting to someone that I needed help. I had lived with negative weight stigma for most of my life, not only from myself but also from those closest to me so the idea of opening up to a stranger about what I was battling with every day was terrifying, but I am so glad I did!

Cathy provides the most supportive, genuine and judgement free space. She has taught me so much and helped me learn a number of different techniques that has now steadied my eating patterns and altered my relationship with food in a positive and healthy way. Now we are focussing on weight loss which feels so much more bearable to think about and focus on now that I have the understanding and tools in place from the work we have done together.

Along with being incredibly knowledgeable and professional Cathy genuinely cares. From our first session together, I knew I was in safe hands and it was such a relief to know I finally had someone I could open up and be honest with who wouldn’t judge or shame me and just wanted to help. I honestly couldn’t recommend Cathy enough!



Chloe and I have been working together for about 6 months now.  Initially our sessions were about calming Chloe’s eating down, helping her feel more in control again and not afraid of food.

We drew up a lifeline to help with understanding why Chloe used food to self-soothe and could see that food / eating had been a part of her life for such a long time.

I asked Chloe to use an App to record what she ate, but more importantly what her thoughts were around food.  She was excellent at this and it was the main key for unlocking the behaviour patterns.

Alongside that though, we also focused on steading her eating practically, ensuring she was well nourished, and put some planning into place for risky times.

And now 6 months on we are discussing weight loss, in a calm steady way that would will not trigger disordered eating again or body dislike again.

I am confident that Chloe now has a new relationship with food and eating, and her body.


For most of my life I have been a constant yo-yo dieter and in my 60th year it is time to call dieting a day and not see food as ‘good or bad’ but eat what I want when my body tells me too, not when my head, eyes or nostrils do.

I know that Blossom Health Coaching is not just about food, Cathy covers many other topics but food was the area I needed help with. Cathy has helped me enormously in recognising this and giving me sound advice to assist me to completely change the way I think about food.

She has helped me understand how different foods (to my norm) provide the vitamins and nutrients that I need at this time. She has given me advice on podcasts, books and reading material which has helped me understand where I have been going wrong all of these years.

Food will always be a constant challenge to me, but how liberated do I feel when nothing is restricted and I am making much better choices when I want too and not because I feel guilty that I shouldn’t be eating this or that.

I am no longer being ‘coached’ by Cathy but am still in regular contact via her Facebook page(s), website and a Talk & Taste Group that occurs once a fortnight.



Emma came to me for help with disordered eating initially – understanding why she did it and how to help prevent it from happening again. She didn’t trust herself around food at times.
Although Emma did not ask for advice on what to eat at the start, through our work together I helped Emma realise that having the knowledge to know what foods can help us and nourish us is an important part of her improvement.

We talked about Emma’s past, how she used food, when her problems with food started, and of course how she was eating now. Through this, and by using additional resources to increase her understanding, Emma began to trust her eating again. And to know that even when there are tough days, how she reacts to those is SO important – kindness and self compassion.

Emma has now become a valued member of my group, making friends and contributing each session. Thank you for being my client Emma and I hope to have you in my sessions for a long time to come!

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