Improve your health and wellbeing –  together  

Is it time for change?  Time to take action?  

  • Break out of meal ruts, eat healthier new foods and discover new ways of cooking?
  • Gain clarity on the right foods to eat – for both of you?
  • Tackle that slow, steady, weight gain together?
  • Get motivated to move in ways you enjoy?
  • Learn some simple stress/anxiety reduction techniques?
  • Explore whether alcohol plays too big a part in your relationship?
  • Stop worrying about what older age may bring?

Investing in your ‘wellbeing pension’ is a great thing to do together, but media messaging can be overwhelming. Coaching enables you to discover what will actually work, now, for you and your partner – whether you’ve been together a long time, or are starting a new relationship and wanting good habits from the beginning.

Interested but not sure?  I offer a free 30 minute online call to find out more.  


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Need more persuading?

The support of a partner at home can make all the difference to a woman succeeding in her efforts to become healthier or lose weight. Research from 2014 found that if a woman’s efforts to achieve healthy eating are undermined at home by spouses and family members, she is likely to gain, rather than lose, weight.   It is also known that working on the fitness of both partners together acheives the best results.

I have had many female clients in mid-life or older who really want to make changes, but find the partners they look after, do not.  This holds them back, they are torn.  They are less likely to succeed. This is a generation thing, in younger couples usually now there are more equal roles.

Many women would not agree with this, but in 1 way I think we women are lucky to go through the mid-life transition.  It wakes many of us up to our changing bodies, to our ageing.  It demands we pay attention, and often acts as a prompt to begin better self-care.  Men don’t have this call to wake up – which means either they might do nothing and believe they need to do nothing, or sadly it takes a health scare to wake them up.

If you are reading this and wishing that your partner would sign up with you, yet know they won’t, then persuade them to try 1 session only.  Then let’s take it from there.

For more about my no-diet approach to weight loss read here

If concernced about disordered eating read here


There is no set programme, because this is about you both. What do you want, and need, to get from this coaching?  

First we would have an asessment session.  We need to get to know each other, be really clear why you are both here, what your joint goals are.   

After this I recommend booking a block of 6 x 1 hour sessions, but am flexible on this.   As a guide, an hour every other week tends to work well.    

We take things at your pace, this is about being really careful not to overwhelm.  Small, achieveable, goals and actions.  And a lot of self-compassion.

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(Government guidelines permitting, and local to Newton Abbot, Devon)

Over the course of the programme the following types of sessions could be included, if you wished


Walk and talk

We can take some exercise in the nearby woods or parks whilst having our session


Supermarket visit

Helping you pick out the healthier products, with an eye on the cost too


Planning & organising

I can show you how to plan a weeks meals for you and your family, and make meal recommendations



Initial 30 minute consultation – free

Assessment, up to 2 hours – £90

Couples coaching – £65 per 1 hour session. Or £365 for 6 sessions.

Sessions of different lengths are available, recommended bi-weekly but happy to be flexible


Unsure or have questions?  Why not get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation?

Email me on [email protected]

07972 374150


If a couple you love is in need of a healthier lifestyle, and wouldn’t / couldn’t buy the programme themselves, why not buy it for them?  



Refer someone you know and receive a free session for yourself and them.

Please contact me to find out more.



If coaching is needed in a more private, yet essential, area of a relationship, then I recommend getting in touch with Ruth Ramsay.  Ruth is a sex and eroticism coach, working with couples (and individuals) to improve their sex lives. Ruth offers 1 to 1 coaching, and group programmes.  A free discovery call can be booked through her website. 


If you wish to read the UKHCA Scope of Practice you can find it here.  I am fully insured, a copy of my insurance certificate is available on request. 

I am unable to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition, or offer medical or dieatary advice except that allowed under my Scopes of Practice.  I work closely with a network of colleagues from backgrounds in exercise, counselling, relaxation therapies, nutritional therapy.  If I am unable to help you then I can signpost you to someone who can. 

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UK Health Coaches Association
The Complementary Medical Association
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