What is Disordered Eating?

Do you feel guilty about your eating?

Are you out of control around food?

Are you stuck in a cycle of binging and restricting?

Have you been on a diet for decades, yet never reach your dream weight, or a yo-yo dieter?

Is your eating chaotic with no proper eating pattern?

Do you like alcohol too much?

Are you worried you might a problem, but feel  too ashamed to seek help?

Is your life dominated by thoughts of your size, and what you eat or don’t eat?

And have you had enough of this, having battled for many years?

Is it time to do something about this?

Disordered eating covers a wide spectrum of eating patterns, from dieting at the mild end to life threatening eating disorders at the far end.  Anyone who does not have an easy, natural relationship with food and can’t listen to their body, could be described as a disordered eater.  It is though that is approximately 70% of people in this country.  A LOT of people, and it affects more women than men.

Petals Background

As an Eating Disorder Practitioner I coach women to improve their relationship with food. 

I specialise in helping women wrestling dieting and weight loss for many years, who have troubled patterns with overeating, compulsive and chaotic eating, and binging/restricting.   

I support women to learn to eat naturally, intuitively, without purging, guilt or hang-ups. 

And to re-address their relationship with their body image, and feel they DESERVE to thrive, flourish and BLOSSOM

The image that springs to mind for most of an Eating Disorders sufferer is a teenage girl suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, and statistically this is the most life-threatening type.  However, the most commen profile of someone with a diagnosed eating disorder is a women aged 30 to 40 who suffers from Binge Eating Disorder.  And these diagnosed cases are the tip of the iceberg of women who feel too embarrassed and ‘should know better at their age’.  I also believe Orthorexia is a common eating issue mid-life. 

If you are wanting weight loss AND help on eating problems, then weight loss needs to wait.  This might not be what you want to hear.  Stabilising eating patterns and working on nourishment need to come first.  Weight loss coaching is usually possible once these have been achieved, though not through dieting.      For more on my approach to weight loss please read HERE

As well as my individual Disordered Eating Coaching, I am a Licensed Practitioner for Julia Buckroyd’s Programme ‘Understanding Your Eating’.  You can read about this  HERE

How we would work together

After an initial consultation, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before our assessment. A brief food diary is also helpful at this point.

The assessment session will take in your life history and give me an understanding of your eating patterns.

As we move forward into the sessions, depending on your circumstances, I may be one member of a team of people you are working with to recover from eating problems, such as GP or counsellor.  I might recommend you seek additional help, and I have a network of colleagues in the eating disorder field for this.

Sessions will combine improving your nutrition, and changing habits and the mindset.  Working together improving your eating patterns, as well as understanding why the problems have arisen and why you are stuck, and how to change this –  thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  And putting you back in touch with your appetite and your body, for example using Intuitive Eating or yoga.

Sessions can be quite practical – meal planning (not as diets though), recipes, planning, cooking – whatever is needed to help you build new habits and skills.  You can read more about my practical sessions on my Health Coaching page.  (Covid guidelines permitting).   We will also be looking at your whole life – your values, what matters to you, what is missing.  This coaching is about you as a person, not just the disordered eating.


My charges are:

Initial 30 minute consultation – free

Assessment 1.5 hours – £90

Weekly sessions 1 hour – £50 per session.  Or £275 for 6 sessions.

Bi-weekly sessions, or sessions of different lengths, are available if suitable and helpful.

Unsure or have questions?  Why not get in touch for a quick chat?

Or email me on [email protected]

07972 374150

“My coaching is designed to bring benefits to you in a way that will make them sustainable, through gradual changes, that will become part of your daily routines.”

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