Have you ever been coached in anything?  Maybe sport, or at work? Perhaps health coaching?

I am having some coaching.

In marketing strategy.  I have admitted that since I started my business the world has changed, my business has changed, and I need help to best promote what I do now.

As a coach, its SO interesting being coached myself.  It reminds me why, when I opted for a new career, I chose coaching as opposed to say therapy or counselling.

Although there is learning involved, the coaching process is fundamentally about drawing out the best of an individual.  It helps the client become an expert on themselves and believes that they know best.  The answers are within the client, the coach helps find them. I also like this because coaches don’t have all the answers themselves.  Again, whilst coaches can offer knowledge from their field, they can also offer a fresh perspective to a situation.

I liken coaching to mountain climbing.   The client is trying to reach the top, the top being achieving their goals.  The coach is not already at the top, because they don’t know everything about the client.  They are there beside the client, climbing together,  helping the client conquer the peak using different techniques and methods.

As a coach being coached I have been tracking how I feel and I thought I might share for the benefit of those who are undecided about coaching or want to know more.

Here are 7 benefits I am feeling from being coached –

  1. I feel good to have admitted that I need help.  I think that is what Brene Brown means by vulnerability in this Ted Talk (watched an unbelievable 51m + times!)
  2. I am supported by my coach. Even without her actually having to do very much initially other than listen to my concerns and goals, she is there for me.  I feel that she is holding my hand.
  3. This has increased my confidenceI am taking more action, being proactive I guess, as a result.
  4. I am increased my awareness of what I am was doing, am doing, and hopefully will do in the future. Awareness is the 1st step to change I believe.
  5. I am accountable to her. I have homework to do, and I tell her each session about my progress.
  6. There is something amazing about saying stuff out loud. She is a sounding board.  Just voicing it sets off thought patterns in my head.  I have lightbulb moments, and that is exciting.
  7. I am benefitting from her knowledge of marketing, she is teaching me. I am learning, and learning is growing.


If you didn’t know much about coaching before, I hope this has helped explain.  These benefits I believe can apply to any form of coaching.  I like to think this is what I can offer my clients.

If you are interested in knowing more about my coaching, take a look at my Health Coaching here or my Disordered Eating coaching here.   Feel free to email me on [email protected].  Or send me a message here .


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