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Health and Wellness coaching is about helping YOU take charge of your wellbeing.  It’s about change, transformation, energy and awareness.

My wish for all clients is that they find true wellbeing in a way that works for them, for life. This means finding ways to make self care the easier and natural choice, with resilience and confidence.

I believe that taking care of ourselves is paramount to our health and wellbeing – particuarly when we look to the future.  You are probably saving into your financial pension, but what about investing in your wellness pension?

How I help clients…

Inner Peace

Encouraging healthier eating in a way that suits the client

Planning & preparing meal plans, providing recipes where needed

Eating for energy, good mood, balanced blood sugar levels

Sustainable, non-diet weight loss (see my  weight loss coaching page)

Whole life balance – finding a bigger better life

Finding purpse, flow, focus.  Living life in alignment with values

Bringing awareness & improvement to self-talk

Motivation for movement & activities specific to each client

Healthy ageing, preparing for later life

Sleep & rest practises

Health Coaching

Working Together

I coach online, via Zoom. 

I provide accountability, motivation, guidance, and support for changes required.  It is a lot about habit change, at a gentle pace so that new habits STICK.  

It might sound simple, but I also listen.  So many clients need someone to really hear them. 

I don’t have a set programme for clients, because every client is different.  This is bespoke to a client’s needs.  I do however want clients to sign up for a block of sessions because coaching is a process that takes some time.  No magic wands here I am afraid. 

The content and direction of sessions is client led.  The client is the expert on their own body and knows deep down what they need – I am here to help them achive it. 

Health Coaching




Initial 30 minute conversation free and without obligation



1 hour assessment – £75



Choose between:
6 x 1 hour sessions –  £295 (£50 per session)
12 x 30 minutes sessions – £320 (£27 per session)

If payment is a problem, please get in touch. Concessions available. 

Unsure or have questions?
Why not get in touch for a quick chat?  Or contact me by email me on [email protected] or telephone 07972 374150

Give a Gift

If someone you love is in need of a healthier lifestyle, and wouldn’t or couldn’t buy the programme themselves, why not buy it for them?  A husband buying for a wife, or maybe a group buying for a friend they care about?


Unsure or have questions?

Why not get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation?

Please contact me to find out more

Further Information

If you wish to read the UKHCA Scope of Practice you can find it here.  I am fully insured and a copy of my insurance certificate is available on request.

I am unable to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition, or offer medical or dieatary advice except that allowed under my Scopes of Practice.  I work closely with a network of colleagues from backgrounds in exercise, counselling, relaxation therapies, nutritional therapy.  If I am unable to help you then I can signpost you to someone who can. 

Client Testimonials

“I would definitely recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to improve aspects of their health and well being. Thanks for everything Cathy you have been such a gem and I feel lucky to have found you.”

“I know that Blossom Health Coaching is not just about food.  Cathy covers many other topics but food was the area I needed help with.  Cathy has helped me enormously in recognising this and giving me sound advice to assist me to completely change the way I think about food.”

“I remain amazed by Cathy’s adaptability to my own style of learning and evolving, coupled with observational powers to recognise insightful things I have said, which we could then work  and move forward with.”

National Centre for Eating Disorders
Healthy Minds Club
UK Health Coaches
Aspire Coaching Group
Food Hygiene Rating

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