Health and Wellness coaching is about helping YOU take charge of your wellbeing.  It’s about change, transformation, energy and awareness.

I coach women individually, and also women and their partners (see my couples coaching page).  Currently all my coaching is online, via Zoom. 

My wish for all clients is that they find peace and balance in their lives.  This means finding ways to make self care the easier and natural choice, with resilience and confidence.

I believe that self care is paramount to our health and wellbeing – particuarly when we look to the future.  Did you know some chronic diseases, such as dementia, are now researched to start decades before symptoms show.  Are you investing in your wellness pension?  What health quality of life do you want for your retirement?

Examples of how I help clients: –

  • eating more nutritious and varied foods, trying new ingredients
  • planning and preparing for weekly meals, providing recipes where needed
  • getting clients motivated to do movement and activities that really work for them, instead of ones they think they ‘should’ be doing (and then don’t)
  • bringing awareness and improvement to the language clients use in their heads – self talk.  Being as kind to themselves as they would their closest friend
  • balancing their lives – what is imbalanced?  where and how they can they make life more fulfilling?
  • taking a look at their purpose in lives, particuarly after a major transition period such as children leaving home or divorce
  • sleep and rest hygiene
  • eating in ways to give energy, enhance good mood, balance blood sugar levels
  • healthy ageing, preparing for later life.
  • coaching your partner – partners are often unfortunate stumbling blocks to making positive changes
  • sustainable, non-diet weight loss (see also my introduction to weight loss coaching package)

I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, a Culinary Medicine Coach, and am trained in Stress Management and Weight Loss.  This means I have a broad and experienced approach to working with you. 

If you are concerned about your eating patterns in any way – do you graze all day, turn to food or drink at tough times, binge, feel out of control – then please look at my Disordered Eating coaching. 


Practically the number of sessions, the length of sessions and how often we meet is led by you.  As a guide, an hour every other week tends to work well, however it is up to you. 

And in the sessions too you would lead the direction of where we go, to meet your health goals.  At each session there will aways be time for you to talk at the start, then we may talk about a topic you have selected beforehand.  Then we finish with 1 perhaps 2 activities or goals to be worked on for next time. 

Before we start work together we will have an introductory chat to get to know each other, and focus on your health goals.  The 1st session is then a longer assessment session for me to gather background information on you.  

If it feels right and relevant,  we can also look at bringing your partner into the coaching sessions too – as a one off or regularly. 

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Initial 30 minute consultation – free

Assessment, up to 1.5 hours – £70 *

Sessions 1 hour – £50 per session. Or £275 for 6 sessions.

Sessions of different lengths are available, recommended bi-weekly but happy to be flexible

*depending on circumstances, this can sometimes be incorporated into a booking of 6 sessions


Unsure or have questions?  Why not get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation?

Email me on [email protected]

07972 374150


If someone you love is in need of a healthier lifestyle, and wouldn’t or couldn’t buy the programme themselves, why not buy it for them?  A husband buying for a wife, or maybe a group buying for a friend they care about?  



Refer someone you know,and when they sign up for 6 session you can  receive a free session for yourself, or a John Lewis gift voucher for £25. 

Please contact me to find out more.

If you wish to read the UKHCA Scope of Practice you can find it here.  I am fully insured, a copy of my insurance certificate is available on request. 

I am unable to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition, or offer medical or dieatary advice except that allowed under my Scopes of Practice.  I work closely with a network of colleagues from backgrounds in exercise, counselling, relaxation therapies, nutritional therapy.  If I am unable to help you then I can signpost you to someone who can. 

The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners
UK Health Coaches Association
The Complementary Medical Association
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07972 374150

[email protected]

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