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One to one coaching to take stock of where you are now, help you take some control back of your wellbeing.  Possibly you are reading this page and thinking there might be overlap with the other pages for coaching – that is fine.

Coaching can be a programme of 3 sessions for a fixed price, (see below), or any number of sessions to suit your requirements.

I am here to listen, guide, support you through the transformation from a wellbeing perspective.   These transformations don’t need to be big.  Sometimes it is the small simple habit changes that can make such a difference, rippling out to other areas of your life.

Unsure or have questions?  Please get in touch.

I am a regular writer for the quarterly magazine, MENOPAUSE MATTERS.

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I believe menopause is a time when women’s power, wisdom and creativity push to the surface, calling for her attention.

(Dr Christiana Northrup)


How we approach and experience midlife varies enormously between women. A blessing, a curse, or a non-event?

I want women to experience these years in the best physical and mental health they can, particularly if they are having symptoms already.  I want women to Blossom in midlife, and prepare for later life in a positive and healthful way.

For some, the symptoms of the peri-menopause start up to 10 years before the menopause, this can be a shock.  So, if …

  • your body is changing,
  • you don’t feel quite right, different, not like the old you,
  • your mind can’t quite be relied on in the same way,
  • something feels out of balance …….

it maybe that the peri-menopause has started.  And if so, you are not alone.

According to the NHS,  8 out of 10 women experience peri-menopausal symptoms.  These can start up to 10 years before the menopause.

1 in 10 women experience symptoms for up to 12 years after their last period.  Post-menopause is not done and dusted quickly for many women, and it can be a strange inbetween time – not old, not young, not menopausal – where does this leave you?

So this ‘midlife’ could last quite a long time.  Too long to ‘just put up with it’.  Positive action can be taken.

The Three Session Programme

3 sessions, plus a free introductory assessment, to boost your midlife nourishment and self-care.

Think of it a bit like an MOT.  A midlife MOT.

And of course there is the option to book more sessions,  should you need them.

Session 1 - Nourishment

When the mind and body are well nourished, everything works better. What  you are putting into your body (and how you do this), can perhaps help with hormones, provide energy, brain function, and boost mood.   This is not about the perfect diet though, nor dieting, or miracle cures.

Session 2 - Calmer mind

All the broccoli in the world won’t help you if stress, anxiety or depression are taking over.   Life is stressful at times, but its how we perceive and manage that stress that is crucial.

The menopause can increase anxiety  for some. We want to lessen anxiety, about the anxiety.


Session 3 - Life balance

How do you spend your time?  Do you build in time for you, without guilt?  Are you moving enough?  Is your work life balance OK?  Is something missing?

Are you a ‘rushing woman’?  You might squeeze in all the right things to do, but does that add to stress?  And what about about sleep and rest?


The Package

Support, listening, guidance, motivation, accountability. 

After a free assessment (with no obligation) this package offers 3 x 1 hour sessions.  All about you.

Above is my suggested session format.  However, what each client needs is the priority so if you would like 2 or 3 sessions on one area that is absolutely fine. We go at your pace – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

At each session we will focus on areas to boost midlife healthiness.  We will be careful not to overload you with changes, this is about being manageable and sustainable.

You will receive relevant information, resources and support, by email, following each session.

The cost of this package is £150.  If payment is a problem, please get in touch. 

Give a Gift

If someone you love is in need of a healthier lifestyle, and wouldn’t or couldn’t buy the programme themselves, why not buy it for them?  A husband buying for a wife, or maybe a group buying for a friend they care about?


Unsure or have questions?

Why not get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation?

Please contact me to find out more

Important Information

This package will not give a medical diagnosis of the peri /menopause or associated symptoms.  Instead it is intended to sit alongside any current medical supervision and medication you may be receiving.    I will not be making any recommendations for medical treatments such as HRT, nor perscribing foods to ‘cure’ symptoms.   There is, some would say, unfortunately no magic pill to make all the symptoms of the peri-menopause disappear, however I do know that how we live our lives can help many of us women.

If I feel that other members of my network can assist you more than I can I will signpost you on.  I work with Nutritional Therapists, Counsellors, Energy therapists, Personal Trainers etc who each excel in their own area and may be of interest to you.

I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, a Culinary Medicine Coach, and an Eating Disorder Practitioner.  I am not a medic, Dietician, or Nutritional Therapist.  Please see here for a full list of my qualifications.

Ts & Cs – clients are welcome to purchase the package more than once.  Sessions will begin after signing of my agreement and payment received in full.  No refunds are available, however sessions be can be deferred should client circumstances change.  Session pace will be determined by the client and the above package content is a suggested format, time allowing in sessions.

Client Testimonials

“I discovered Cathy via her articles in Menopause Matters magazine. Her refreshing perspective on wellness and in particular disordered eating really stood out to me. Speaking from the heart with such genuine compassion and well informed, rounded understanding of how to manage unhelpful intrinsic links between eating and emotions, gave me hope about my own lifelong situation.”

“I have found the work with Cathy invaluable. It has helped me calm the chaos and find balance. I have learnt skills and knowledge for how to help myself and I know the door is open if I ever need a top up in the future and I am sure I will!”

“Following a period of illness, I found working with Cathy beneficial on different levels.  Her emphasis on well-being and recommendations helped me understand my mood swings.”

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