How well do you look after yourself? 

What daily acts of self-care are part of your life?

If you just can’t seem to get round to looking after you, or at least not for long, try this. 

This visual technique to build a new daily habit was recommeded to me by a friend years ago, and it has kind of stuck.  I use it myself, and recommend it to clients when appropriate.


1.  Find a little jar – I would suggest smaller than a jam jar.   Writing this at the end (hopefully) of our 3rd lockdown, our patience is being tested in other ways at the moment.

2.  Put this jar somewhere really prominent.  Mine is on my desk next to my computer.

3.  Decide on what you can fill it with –  marbles, hair slides, wire twists, anything.  You can see I have used sticky page markers and paper-clips.   Really doesn’t matter.

4.  Every time you do something for yourself that you feel is caring, beneficial, healthy, positive, put one in the jar.  Ideally everyday.  This could be for example –  taking a longer walk, a call to help someone out, some stretching or yoga,  making a positive food choice, getting to bed earlier, play your favourite music really loudly …..  you decide

5.  As the jar starts to fill, plan a treat for you.  Trickier in current Lockdown times I know, but we can still have rewards and things to look forward to.  Perhaps a comfy new pair of slippers, an evening of pampering, watching that trilogy you have been saving for ages, sign up to a new course, or re-read your favourite book.  Something that matters to YOU that you wouldn’t normally do.  Something special. 

6.  When you reach the top, enjoy your reward.  Empty the jar, and start again.

7.  The idea is that doing something little for yourself every day will soon be your new habit.  Your self-care habit.


That is all you need to do.

By the time you have filled the jar a couple of times hopefully the habit will be entrenched in your life and every day you will think about what you can do for yourself today.

I would love to know how you get on with this.

For other techniques like this, please get in touch on [email protected] or text me on 07972 374150

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