I can coach you on weight loss in 3 ways: –


1.  Individual, bespoke, coaching taking as long as is needed.

2.  My 3 session programme below for individuals wanting to try an introductory package.

3.  Group coaching – for women who enjoy being part of a small, supportive group.  You can read more on this HERE.




 My approach to weight loss is different to most.  This is about gaining health, not losing weight.  I want to help you end the struggles and misery around weight loss.  And move forward into a new way of thinking around Peace and Acceptance.

I work from a non-judgemental anti-diet perspecive. I  aim to boost self esteem and body respect, whilst helping you bcome better nourished and healthier.   

You probably have heard that about 95% of diets don’t work in the longer run.  Most diets start with the idea that it is in your control to lose weight, and so it is your fault if you can’t.   This ‘blame culture’ helps fuel our society’s weight stigma and discrimination where being overweight is often equivalent to being a failure.  Diets cav unfortunately play a critical role in the development of eating disorders. 

I believe that genes, hormones, stress and anxiety, emotions, relationships, overall health, environment, fitness; all have a role in understanding why weight gain happens.  So to lose weight almost all of these need tackling.  So important as well are healthful behaviour change, and understanding will power. Weight loss is possible, and sustainable, but takes time and habit changes for life.  This is not another diet, this are changes for life. 

So it really is not just what are you eating and drinking, at least not in the longer run. 

The package below is intended as a starting point for clients to find out how different this approach can be.

Please remember that size is only one measure of overall health.  Being slim does not always equal being healthy.  This is about whole body health.   And my position on weight loss as a coach is weight neutrality – I do not praise my clients for weight loss because should they not lose weight this can make them feel worse.  What I hope to see with my clients is gaining health, positive new habits, growing confidence and self-care. 

You can read more about my thoughts on weight loss in my blog HERE

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This programme is intended to introduce you to a new way of tackling weight loss, it is not trying to be a miracle solution.

After a free assessment (with no obligation to sign up) this package offers 3 x 1 hour sessions.  All about you.

We can go at your pace.  You will receive relevant information, resources and support, by email, following each session.

Between sessions and one month after the last session I will check in with you by email to see how you are getting on.

This package is not intended for women who experience disordered or chaotic eating, or eating disorders.  If you are unsure if this is you, please do take a look at my disordered eating coaching and get in touch for a chat.

 Weight loss is a journey, and this package is a starting point.  We cover in 3 sessions my principles of weight loss, and the idea is to get you started on this new approach.  And of course there is the option to book more sessions, at a reduced rate.

Support, listening, guidance, motivation, accountability. 

Sign up by contacting me here . 

Or text me on 07972 374150,

email me on [email protected]

Session 1 - Nourishment

After understanding what you are eating and drinking now, we jump straight into my principles of weight loss.  The proportions of food on your plate, key foods to include, eating for energy and fullness, hydration.  How you eat is also important – when, where, who with.  No calories, no weighing, no guilt.

Whilst no research has ‘proved’ that one way of eating is more effective than another, there are some common themes across the healthiest diets.  Understanding this is helpful, without creating a list of rules that can cause havoc when they are ‘broken’.

Session 2 - Weight loss mindset

In many women, stress can cause weight gain.  When we stress for a sustained time cortisol tells the body to store fat.  Digestion is disrupted, the body naturally craves comfort foods to soothe.  So dealing with our responses to stress is crucial to weight loss – finding other strategies to remain calm and focused.

How do you talk to yourself?  We want to ensure that you are your own coach, and friend, not enemy. 

This is particularly important for future lapses.  Can you show yourself kindness, accceptance and flexibility when lapses happen?


Session 3 - Movement and habits

Now its time to look at what movement you have in your life.  Not everyone wants to hear this, I know, but it does not have to mean signing up for exercise you know in your heart you don’t want to do. Let’s focus on how we can get you moving positively.  Perhaps exercise snacking.

Understanding the role of habits and willpower is crucial.  Which habits let you down in healthful behaviours over and over again?  Do you blame yourself if you run out of willpower every evening?  There are reasons why this might happen, new knowledge is a powerful motivator.

The cost of this package for individuals is £150

If you are reading this page and thinking of someone you love who would benefit, gift vouchers for a friend, relative or wife are available.   

if interested as a couple, please get in touch for more details. 

Further sessions can be purchased as required.  

Sign up here or text me on 07972 374150

This is not suitable for anyone experiencing disordered eating or eating disorders.  
This package will not give a medical diagnosis of the peri /menopause or associated symptoms.  Instead it is intended to sit alongside any current medical supervision and medication you may be receiving.    I will not be making any recommendations for medical treatments such as HRT, nor perscribing foods to ‘cure’ symptoms.   There is, some would say, unfortunately no magic pill to make all the symptoms of the peri-menopause disappear, however I do know that how we live our lives can help many of us women.
If I feel that other members of my network can assist you more than I can I will signpost you on.  I work with Nutritional Therapists, Counsellors, Energy therapists, Personal Trainers etc who each excel in their own area and may be of interest to you.
I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, a Culinary Medicine Coach, and an Eating Disorder Practitioner.  I am not a medic, Dietician, or Nutritional Therapist.  Please see here for a full list of my qualifications.
Ts & Cs – clients are welcome to purchase the package more than once.  Sessions will begin after signing of my agreement and payment received in full.  No refunds are available, however sessions be can be deferred should client circumstances change.  Session pace will be determined by the client and the above package content is a suggested format, time allowing in sessions.
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