My Approach to Weight Loss

I want to help women end the struggles, frustration, despair, around weight loss. We do this by focusing on gaining health and nourishment, starting right now.

You probably have heard that about 95% of diets don’t work in the longer run.  Most diets start with the idea that it is in your control to lose weight, and so it is your fault if you fail.   This ‘blame culture’ helps fuel our society’s weight stigma and discrimination.

Diets can also, unfortunately, play a critical role in the development of eating disorders.

Sustainable weight loss is really is not JUST what are you eating and drinking.  If your eating is affected by your life, then this is about your whole life. 

Movement is a big part of this.  Whether helping you integrate activity through coaching conversation, through to Personal Training sessions together, I am here to help you integrate movement to become a consistent, enjoyable, part of your life.

My position on weight loss as a coach is weight neutrality. I work from a non-judgemental anti-diet perspective. I  aim to boost self esteem and body respect, whilst helping women become more nourished. Size is only one measure of overall health.

You can read more about my thoughts on weight loss in my blog HERE

Follow-on Coaching Groups

Once you have reached a natural end to your individual coaching sessions with me, you would be welcome to join one of my monthly coaching groups.

This is a small select group for accountability, motivation, and support.

A cost effective and easy way to continue your coaching journey’

Group Coaching
Weight Loss Coaching




Initial 25 minute conversation free and without obligation


Assessment & Sessions

Flexible packages to suit your needs. 

Unsure or have questions?
Why not get in touch for a quick chat?  Or contact me by email me on cathy@blossomhealthcoaching.co.uk or telephone 07972 374150

Give a Gift

If someone you love is in need of a healthier lifestyle, and wouldn’t or couldn’t buy the programme themselves, why not buy it for them?  Whether partner, friend or family, do get in touch. 


Unsure or have questions?

Why not get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation?

Please contact me to find out more

Further Information

If you wish to read the UKHCA Scope of Practice you can find it here.  I am fully insured, a copy of my insurance certificate is available on request. 

I am unable to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition, or offer medical or dieatary advice except that allowed under my Scopes of Practice.  I work closely with a network of colleagues from backgrounds in exercise, counselling, relaxation therapies, nutritional therapy.  If I am unable to help you then I can signpost you to someone who can. 

Client Testimonials

“I am so grateful for the professional resources, advise and support that Cathy has shared with me during our sessions. Cathy listens with kindness, compassion and care and provides a safe space to further explore.”

“I have lost weight, but the best bit is I’ve learnt so much about myself, socially and personally, it’s made me so much happier in every part of my life.”

“I can’t thank you enough. This started out as a journey about food/weight and has turned in to a whole different journey. But I’ve no doubt that the end product will be the changes that I set about to achieve in the first place, with a much brighter future on every level ahead of me.“

“Time spent with Cathy can really be life changing as she helps you identify what you want/need to change & then helps you step by step get there.”

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